Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiderace Xplore S - Classic - $2695

Used Tiderace Kayak for Sale

Blue over blue.
No cracks or damage.

Tiderace Xcite - Classic -$2995

SOLD Used Tiderace Kayak for Sale

Very good condition sea kayak ready to rock and roll in all environments.
White over white with red rim and kevlar seam.
Last of the European lay-ups.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Island Kayak Quaarsut For Sale

Excellent condition. Hardly used. Blue over white. $2175
16' 7.5" x 21"
A fine surfing sea kayak for the smaller paddler.

An internet review...
"If your looking for a chine boat then this is the one. In comparison to other boats it has less capacity for cargo but is awesome as a trip boat for a relatively small person. The Qaarsut handles like its on rollerskates and can be easily turned around in less than 3 strokes. The speed of the boat is rather surprising as I can still keep up with my father who paddles an Nordkapp jubilee. The boat handles very well in very rough seas and handles just as well in calm seas. This boat is great for playing in tide races and for surfing swells as it seems to be quick enough to catch any wave this is mainly to do with the hull shape. The boat has a low volume but still has capacity to carry what you need if packed sparingly (think BACKPACKING)"
Picture coming soon.